Your body has its own story. It is a tale of strength, passion, beauty, strife, injury, and healing. The addition of an ostomy, or evidence of surgery can change things just enough to disrupt your sensual balance.  Reclaim it and OWN all that your body has conquered- because after all… you are STILL a lady.

Product spotlight

It’s hard not to feel your best when you shine! Check out these captivating looks for options that are both sensual AND comfortable. Remember- looking your best starts with feeling your best!

Sensual intentions

When a woman/individual who identifies as “she/her”, chooses to wear something sensual, it is a decision to FEEL sensual. The value of having a beautiful piece that also acts as a tool to ensure a proper fit and comfort is paramount. A person who’s had to endure surgical procedures and medical interventions has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin. Still A Lady lingerie provides just that.

"People have a right to feel sexy. We have the duty to provide the means."

It’s easy to create beautiful lingerie. But, making sure there are design accommodations in place for someone who needs a leak-proof area for an ostomy bag, wrap for a person who wants the option to strategically cover certain areas, or simply a proper fit for a body that might be atypical to the kind department store lingerie is designed for is our specialty. We have thought about your needs and kept them in mind with every design. Now go ahead… ENJOY!

ready, set....

Are you ready to feel your best? Are you ready to strut your stuff with absolute confidence? Are you ready to at least take the first step to “getting there”? Here’s hoping it “wakes up and shakes up” things in you that make you feel like you again. Because after all… you are Still A Lady. <3